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About Us


Our Fishing Products

Our hand crafted lures were developed in the waters of the San Francisco Bay but have been successful in some of the most popular fishing holes across the country. Since 2013, they have been refined, tested and proven to hook fish consistently regardless of the conditions; and their durability make them a must have for the angler preparing to catch their personal best in size and number.

In addition to carefully chosen materials, our lures are individually constructed from start to finish. Each lure island painted and jigged to ensure consistency and performance,


Great Customer Service

When our product is purchased, you get a lure and we get the opportunity to help another angler  "Experience the Slab". We are invested in our lures' performance while being committed to our customers' experience. Tips, tricks and feedback are readily available through our experienced support staff so don't hesitate to share your trials, triumphs and fish tales with us and the greater Slabzone community via social media. 


Who We Are

We are a company that values recreational fishing and all it has to offer. Whether its spending the day walking the shoreline, paddling away on a kayak or trolling the nearest waterway, our goal is to provide a relaxing yet exciting fishing experience.  

Our ultimate goal is to build a responsible community of anglers that support the growth of fish populations and the health of waterways while encouraging and grooming  the next generation of fishing enthusiasts.