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Max T.


I was a little skeptical about using "The Slab" in the beginning because I thought "How could a bait with such a small tail possibly swim well?" After catching 20-30, 10-20lbs Jacks (Crevalle) on the same lure, which is remarkable considering other plastics separate from the jig quite easily, I knew I'd found the next best thing. 

John L.


"My fondest memory of using Slabzone was during the smmer striper run. My friend Leonard and I got into a school and were catching fish left and right using the white Slab (GFK). The best part was there were about 6 guys to our left that were using popular, well known lures but not catching anything. Eventually, they put thier poles down and walked over to where we were. They watched us fish for the rest of the trip." 

Cody H.


With Slabzone Lures I knew I found a lure that proves synthetic hair jigs and other lure trends are not the only option for catching big Snook. I can usually go to a high pressure spot and still catch fish when no one else is because I have some advantages that they don't:

1.) The profile mimics a few of our most common bait fish.

2.) The pointed jig head makes the lure drop through very fast current and gives you a good feel of the bottom.

3.) The toughness of the plastic is very strong and not too soft. I can't compare it to anything else on the market.

4.) The rattle has a high-pitched tone that really helps in deep dark water where you would normally rely on the jig head to make noise on the bottom.

Alfred S.


"I was a bait fisherman but after using Slabzone, I like plugging. I used to just throw out my pole and wait for a fish to come on my line. Now I cast and actively seek out the fish. When they hit the lure and I set the hook the feeling is so exciting. I'm hooked! "

Benjamin M.


"After using Slabzone, my expectations are high. I expect to catch fish everytime I go out."